A Brief Family History

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Lasell / Combs Genealogy Resource

Here is a brief history for Lasell, Combs, and Rose.

I am researching John Lazell of Hingham, Massachusetts family line. He was born about 1619/20 in England and showed up in Hingham, MA records about 1647 and he married an Elizabeth Gates on 11/29/1649. There also has been some speculation that he may have come through Canada, by the way of Quebec with 3 brothers who were Hugenots trying to escape persecution. So far I have been unable to find the name of the boat he arrived on. Elizabeth Gates came to Hingham with her father Stephen Gates and his wife. in 1638 aboard the ship "Dilgent". John Lazell was a farmer and also a constable in the town of Hingham. He became a Freeman 7/29/1679, which leads us to the question of whether or not he had been a bonded person to pay for his passage to the Colonies.He and his wife Elizabeth had 11 children.

I am also researching the Martin Family tree. Our ancestor is a George Martin who came to the colonies about 1639 and settled in Massachusetts. One of the more colorful ancestors of this family was Susannah Martin who was hung as a witch during the Witchcraft Trials in Salem, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. There was also a Aaron Martin who served during the Revolutionary War in the company of Capt. Jonas Galusha, Col. Herricks Regiment, October 1780 and Capt Peley Mattison's Company in 1781. The Martin line continues down through Ophir S. Martin born 4/18/1838 who married Eliza Christina Folsom 6/27/1860. They hada a daughter named Ada Eliza Martin who was my great-great grandmother. She married Henry James Lasell. They had my grandfather Harry M. Lasell.

I am also researching the Recor Family tree. Most of my information is sketchy at best, but my grandmother Fern Agnes Recor did have some notes on the Recor Family. She said that her grandfather's name was Max Recor, who had very white hair and beard and would have no coffee. tea or tobacco to stain it. He died at the age of 89. Her father's name was Issac Recor and he married Philema Ashline. The Recors came from Canada in the 1840's and settled in West Chazy, NY. Later Issac Recor moved his family to Barre, VT to work in the stone quarries there. He and Philema Ashline had 5 daughters, Lil, who married a Frank Cutler, Edith, who married a James Lamb, Alice. Who married a Charles Owen, Edna, who died at the age of 3 1/2, and Fern Agnes,(my grandmother) who married Harry M. Lasell. They had 8 children. Henry Max, who lived only a few days, Harry James (my father), Harvey Lee, Hallie, Louise, Rosemary, Fern (Babe) and Max Henry.

I am also researching my mother, Pollyanna Jones' family line. Our ancestor was Thomas Jones, a Welshman, born in 1598, as proven by his testimony given in court in 1665, when he gave his age as 67 years. He was in Gloucester, MA as early as 1642, and was admitted as a Freeman in 1653 and died in 1671. He owned a house and land near the burying place.His wife ws Mary North who died in 1681. The family line follows the Jones family line down to Clayton and Katherine Griswold Jones who were my mother's parents. A lot of the Jones descendants ended up in Shoreham, Vermont.

Iam also researching the Griswold Family line. Our ancestor is Edward Griswold of Wethersfield, CT. He is one of four Griswold brothers that migrated to the colonies. Their names were Michael, Matthew and Francis. One of my ancestors is my great-great grandfather, Vincent Rugg Griswold, who married Anna Amelia Burnham and lived Felchville, VT. Vincent Rugg Griswold is my grandmother, Katherine Griswold Jones father, and my mother Pollyanna Jones grandfather.

I am also researching the Burnham Family line. Our ancestor was Lt. Thomas Burnham who was one of three brothers who came from England in the ship Angel Gabriel in 1635 anbd settled at Chebacco, Ipswich, MA., (now Essex).Through his son John, born 1648, to Thomas, born 1673, to Stephen, to David, born 1757, to Asa A. born 1795 and who married Sabra G. Davis 3/18/1840. Asa and Sabra had 3 children, Cordelia A., born 3/25/1842, David E., born 5/4/1846 and married Hattie L. Mahoney 1/9/1867, and Anna A. Burnham, (my great-great grandmother, and my grandmother, Katherine Griswold Jones mother. Anna Burnham married Vincent Rugg Griswold and had Clifford Griswold and Katherine Griswold.

I am researching Isaac Rose Who married Mary Forsythe.Children include James, William, James (1794-1876),
Hannah( born between 1790-1794), Ezekiel, Charles, and Amelia "Milly" (born between 1794-1800). The family line continues down through the late Noble Rose of Akron, Ohio and his wife Gertrude Rose, a son Harley Rose who had 3 children named Michael, Heather and Daniel Rose.

I am also researching the farmily line of John Combs, born in 1565 in England and came across on a boat named the "Marigold" in 1619/20. He settled near Jamestown, and was indentured to a Sir George Yardley of the Jamestown Company, VA. In 1625 he was at Treasurer's Plantation which is near James City. He his the forebear of the John Combs Sr. who had "8" sons who came over Pound Gap into Kentucky. The "8" sons were Mason, Nicholas, John, Harrison (Henry) George, William, Elijah and Biram.

I am also researching the Gullett Family line. The Family name can be traced back to the 1500 to 1600's. The family line starts with either Richard Gullet, who married an Elinor Hodge, or Robert Gullet, who married a woman named Mary, to Peter Gullet, how immigrated to the Colonies in 1620 and died 1623. The family line misses a generation, but picks up with William Gullet, born 1645 and died 1705 who married a Susanna Mills. His son William Gullett, born 1673/85 and died 1716 married a lady named Mary. One of their children was Abraham, born 1715, who married a lady named Susannah. He died in 1758. One of their children was named William Gullett, born 1730 and died in 1800. One of his children was Daniel Gullet, born 1750/55 and died in 1813. He married a lady named Mary. Daniel and Mary had a son named Christoper, born 1775/80 and died 1862/63. Christopher married a lady named Patsy Bailey. Christoper and Patsy and a son named William Gullett,(Gardner Bill), born 1838 and died 1917. He married a lady named Delia Austin. One of his children was Malcom Gullett, born 1869 who married Arizona Conley, He died 3/24/1974. One of his children was Mollie Gullett, who is Haskell Combs mother.

The Lasell Family Motto: In solo Deo salus.